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Going on Vacation

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Going on vacation, or going anywhere out of the ordinary is always a real big hassle.

First there’s the planning.  Where to stay?  Is this hotel going to be alright?  Is it too expensive?  Is it going to end up being a dive.  Will we wish that we had stayed somewhere else that offered more ‘bang for the buck’?

Second there’s the responsibilities at home.  Arrange for someone to take care of the dog.  Find someone to water the plants and pick up the loose mail.  Make sure that no bills get missed.

Third there’s the packing.  How much cash to take?  What clothes?  Will we wish that we had put a sewing kit in the bag with an extra button?

Fourth there’s work.  All of the things that I would have done while I’m away have to be taken care of before hand or arrangements have to be made.  Plus the looming hard deadline.  The plane leaves at such and such time, there’s no possibility of sending the drawings out a day late.

I’m not one given to much stress but getting ready to leave sure is stressful!