Early Bird Gets The Worm

I love big excursions that require lots of planning and preparation but sometimes the weekend is just too busy for that. Luckily, we live close to some amazing mountains so it’s possible to get out and enjoy them even when we have lots of stuff planned. This morning Jennifer and I got an early start and went on a short hike. Actually we didn’t start that early, it was 8:10 when we left the trailhead but it paid off. We hiked up to Snow Lake and made it back to the car before noon. On our way out we passed over 100 people (131 to be exact) who where on their hike in. Not quite the wilderness experience that I normally look for in a hike but considering how close we were to the city it’s ok.

The Flowers are coming out.


The sky was nice.

Mountains and Clouds

Why is it called Snow Lake? I don’t get it.

Snow Lake

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