Quick Note from Uganda

Uganda is great.  The internet has been down for the last few days but it’s back so I’m catching up.  We are having a great time and seeing some pretty amazing things.  We put on a field day at the orphanage.  It was really fantastic in the most chaotic way imaginable.  Picture 900 kids running around and playing games.  Crazy!  Jennifer has been spending her days at the orphanage helping the teachers.  They are very grateful for her help.  She presented a couple of globes to the teachers in the older classrooms.  It was a big hit.  The orphanage houses, feeds, clothes and teaches all of those kids and when they get extra money they use it to help more children rather than buy classroom props so it is a real blessing to get things like globes and posters and what not. 

I’ll try to get a couple of pictures up later…

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