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Something Missing

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

I’m pretty lucky. I have a wonderful wife who loves me, a great job, a dog, a house, a car, a good family that lives close enough that I can see them more than once a year, good friends, a fantastic church…. But there’s something missing. You see, it’s summer and there’s not much snow around in the summer.

Someone posted this on an internet forum that I read:

How do “YOU” deal with ski depression?

I don’t deal with it very well. I get extremely bored, but don’t want to do anything, except look at ski gear or watch videos. Mountain biking and drinking helps………..a little..Been trying to deal with it for over half my live, you’d think I’d have it figured out by now.

Is this my problem? Is it ski depression? We’ll find out. In a couple of weeks I’m planning on climbing to the top of a snowy mountain with my lightweight ski kit and carving some turns. I don’t care if the snow is mushy suncupped garbage. At least it will be turns.

My coworkers think I’m crazy.  It’s the middle of summer and when we have a drizzly cool summer day I start checking the freezing level and calculating the odds of fresh snow at camp muir.  This might be madness but they always say, “follow your dreams” and my dream is to ski!

So I pose the question to you.  What gets you through the dog days of summer?