Camp Muir in October

Everyday is like Sunday
Everyday is silent and gray


I don’t think last Sunday is quite what Morrisey had in mind when he wrote those lyrics.  Last Sunday was definately not gray.

Dave and I set out from Paradise a little after nine.  It was quite windy at first but by the time we reached Panorama Point the wind had died down and it was a calm sunny day.

Mt. Rainier

Once we reached the snow, I switched to skis and joined the crowds skinning towards Camp Muir.

Skinning on the Muir Snowfield

The temps were cool enough to ensure that the snow was only going to get better as the day went on so we took our time and arrived at Camp Muir around 2:00.

Dave at Camp Muir

After a short break it was time to ski.

Dave carving turns on the lower flanks of a very big mountain

I think this is described as, “not a cloud in the sky”.  I’m not complaining but it was a little hazy.

Looking south from Camp Muir

The scenery is as inspiring on the descent as it was on the ascent.

Dave with Mt. Rainier in the background

Definately the best skiing I’ve ever had in October.

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